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The worst part about becoming a more conscious consumer is feeling like you have to sacrifice your style. The best part is when you realize you don’t have to. And when it comes to time-telling arm candy, there is no better switch to make than to Berg + Betts watches. Ethically and sustainably made, the simplicity of these leather timepieces looks classic yet modern, luxe yet completely affordable. And a nice little bonus is that the brand is Canadian-owned, too!

I’m constantly on the search for brands that shatter the “ethical” or “sustainable” fashion stereotypes, and so I instantly fell in love with how Berg+Betts makes upcycled fashion look, well, a million times better than it sounds. The genuine leather straps are made out of surplus leather from other brands and factories around the world. They are gathered to be transformed from what was once just “waste” into these gorgeous unisex timepieces. The watch pieces are ethically made in Dongguan, China and are then assembled in Canada. Care is taken in all areas of the supply chain – suppliers for Berg + Betts are chosen from Sedex members, which is a non-profit that works to improve practices in global supply chains. This means that factories are regularly audited for things such as health and safety, labour standards, and business ethics.

I have the Round in silver (made of stainless steel) and black, but it also comes in many other beautiful colours such as camel, grey, navy, blush, and even light blue, with gold options also available. Because they are unisex, the face of the watch is rather large, but I love the slightly masculine feel it gives when I wear it. And despite the fact that it’s unisex, the strap actually has a decent amount of holes so that it can still fit my small wrist quite snug.

Overall, this watch has proven to be the perfect classic timepiece that’s perfect both for work, or to smarten up a more casual outfit. It’s definitely going to be a go-to accessory in my closet and I already know I will get tons of wear out of it!

Images & Words by Elena of The Curious Button

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