How To Change Your Watch Strap

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Details to note before starting:

  1. Our sustainable straps are not necessarily meant to be changed daily. Changing them can take a little bit of time and effort so it’s recommended that you change them seasonally or when your current strap shows more wear than you like.
  2. Please be careful when using your strap changing tool and follow the instructions closely. It is sharp and needs to be used correctly.
  3. If you have any trouble at all, take it to your local jewellery store. They will have no problem quickly swapping out your strap for you.

Step 1: Locate your strap changing tool and spring bars. 

 Notice how your strap changing tool is shaped like a fork on the end. Now locate the spring bars at each end of your new strap. Pull one out and notice how each end of the spring bar is spring loaded with small ridges on the end. The fork end of your tool is meant to sit on those ridges and compress them down. This is what will get your strap into place so practice compressing the spring a few times with the tool before actually trying to remove your current strap.

Step 2: Removing your current strap.

Hold your watch firmly and use the fork on your tool to locate the ridge on the spring bar between your current strap and your watch face. Use your tool to compress one side of the spring and pop it out of the hole on the watch face. Your strap will now come loose and be removed. Repeat this step on the second strap on your watch.

Step 3: Note where the new straps will be going on your watch face.

The piece of strap with the buckle will be going at the twelve o’clock position with the cream side down and the colored side up.

Step 4: Adding your new strap. 

Holding your watch firmly, take one side of the spring bar and place it in the hole on the watch face. Carefully use your tool to compress the other side of your spring bar and slip it into place on the watch face. You may need to slide the spring bar around a little bit until you hear it “pop” into its hole. Move the strap around a little bit to ensure both sides are securely in their place. This may take you a try or two before you get used to it – totally normal. Repeat with the send piece of your new strap.

Step 5: Double check and storage.

Move the straps around to make sure everything is secured. Place the strap that is not in use in your breathable, natural cotton bag for proper storage.

If you have any troubles, please don’t hesitate to contact us at or take it to your nearest jeweller for a quick swap out.

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